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Hi, I'm Marc!

Nice to have you around here!

This is my very own website to present you my work and my passion. But first things first:

I'm 25 years old and I'm living near Frankfurt in Germany. Currently I work for a hosting company as a Linux System Engineer. That means I'm providing high-available and mission critical service to our customers using Linux and hosting applications. Beside that, my passion for creative content grew and grew. So I started building my very own singing and speaking voice with the help of talented vocal teachers. If you like what you hear in the references section and if you are looking for a suitable voice for your project, feel free to contact me anytime!

Another big part of my life is getting tastebuds to freak out. I like the challenges of different international kitchen styles like U.S.-BBQ, Asian Wok-ing, Sous-Vide- / modernist Cooking and many many others. So if you're seeking for a private catering service for up to 40 people, also, don't hesitate to contact me.

And now: Take your time and enjoy my site!

— references —

»» it-projects

JIRA Issue to SMS

My BASH-script looks for JIRA issues of a given priority and curls the subject to the gateway of a SMS-provider.

[Download here]

Implementing issue and process-tracking

One of my biggest projects so far has been the implementation of full issue tracking via Atlassian software. Including internal trainings!

Asset Management from scratch

Also based on Atlassian JIRA, I just built up a whole asset/stock management system from scratch. This project comprised the implementation of a solution for automated asset labeling, as well as managing these assets via a custom designed "workflow".

Distributed Infrastructure Monitoring

Based on Icinga, a decentralised infrastructure monitoring needed to be implemented into a heterogeneous IT-infrastructure. To guarantee scalability, mod_gearman was the tool of choice.

»» catering-projects

Food-❤ers look out!


Beside my main profession which includes dealing with zeroes and ones, I also like to cook for many people.

Food is both luxury and urge, and why not making it even better by sharing it with your friends and family?

If you consider throwing a party you should always remember:


The food will stay in one's memory the most.


I've handled events up to 40 people with ease so far. And if "sous-vide", "classic bbq" and "modernist cuisine" are things you've heard about or love, we should definitely talk.


»» sound-projects

Rent my voice!


When I'm not hacking or cooking, you maybe could hear me sing, just because this became another one of my passions.

In about nine years of speaking for a German radio station (two of them with professional guidance) I have developed a mature, professional speaking voice.


You will soon be able to hear some audio samples right on this website. Hang on!



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